Work Right - Home Tonight


On 31 March 2017,  Connect COO ran a field staff -wide safety initiative "What we do to keep each other safe".  The initiative was held at Connect’s Prestons and Thornton offices and included a BBQ breakfast for the 40 plus attendees. The toolbox was focused on the simple day-to-day activites we do on site to stay safe.  The outcomes of the sessions have now been distilled into an infographic, which has been strategically posted through the offices.  


Connect’s directors and management team continue to foster and lead our Safety First mantra “Work Right – Home Tonight” through initiatives like this. Connect continue to strive to our ideal of all staff, everyday, being able to return home as they left for work.  Connect’s COO, John Saleh said “Activities and group discussions like today are important. It allows for real two way communication on our safety culture and reminds us to remain safety-conscious at all times. The team today showed reall insight into the small things we can all do at Connect to maintain a  safe place for all of us to work.”

April 2017